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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Charles Bronson---Super Star

Charles Bronson was a super star and mostly played the parts of policeman like Family of Cops 1, 2 and 3. He played a gunfighter in many westerns like the Dirty Dozen, Chino and many more. He was a vigilante like in Death Wish, Death Wish 2 and Death Wish 3---where he punished the guilty. 

His first movie was "You’re in the Navy Now” in 1951 he acted until 1999 in the movie “Family of Cops 3” which was a TV Movie-- he was then 78 years old.  He was one of  the best action and adventure actors in movie history.

And he was still very active in this movie which he starred in also played with him was his third wife Kim Weeks who was very lovely and they had great charisma together.

He met his first wife Harriett Tendler in 1947 when she was eighteen (18) and he was twenty-six (26) and his name was Charles Buchinsky then---it was later changed it to Charles Bronson. Harriett and Charles were in acting school together in Pennsylvania, but she gave it up and got a job so he could continue his career. 

They were married for 16 years before they divorced. She has written a book titled “Charlie and Me” which is available online.

               Death Wish (1974)

Charles Bronson married Jill Island in 1968 until her death from breast cancer in 1990; they were married twenty-two (22) years.  She was very beautiful with blond hair and blue eyes.  After their marriage she was in fourteen movies with him and they were a great team in films and in life.  

   Cold Sweat (1970)

The Bronson family was a family that played together---with their seven (7) children---two of his by his marriage to Harriet and she had three (3) from her previous marriage to David McCallum a Scottish actor. Charles and Jill  had one daughter together Zuleika and they adopted one daughter.

                                                                Assassination (1987)

They wanted to be together always and they were until she died. She played with Charles Bronson in the movie “Assassination” which I enjoyed watching last week on Fox’s new movie channel. I feel Jill Ireland was the love of his life. And I say this for one reason---one can tell by watching two people on screen and in real life they were always together. And another reason is because he stayed single for eight (8) years before he remarried to his third and final wife Kim Weeks.

           The Dirty Dozen (1967)

Charles Bronson is credit with 161 amazing titles. And his family said he not like he appeared in the movies---but a sweet lovable teddy bear of a man who loved his family. 

I am so sorry I did not get to see all his films from the beginning but it was before my time---but I can enjoy DVD’s of his movies. His Death Wish Trilogy was very popular at the time. And he played in many westerns and was in the famous original “Magnificent Seven” which I want to see again.

Charles Bronson was unique---the quiet man with rough edges that will astound you with his acting talent--- and if you have never seen one of his movies---you are in for a treat.

He was born November 3, 1921 in Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania and died August 30, 2003 in 
Los Angeles of Pneumonia.

He was one of thirteen(13) children born to a Polish-Lithuanian father and a Lithuanian- American mother. He never forgot his roots.

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