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Daniel Sunjata---Accolades to a Soaring Glimmering Star.

Daniel Sunjata is an American actor who has acted in films, television and theater. It is difficult to believe he is only 41 years old with a very full resume already in life.

He has 32 titles to his credit and has just finished a movie titled “Lullaby” a drama which may premiere in 2013---no additional information at this time.

Daniel Sunjata is a tall dark handsome actor with dimples that accents his full lips. He is the hunk in my mind when I write some of my poems as well as other “Eye-Candy Hunks” of my favorite actors. I appreciate beauty in any living creature (and creature meaning any living person or animal.)

Daniel is now playing in “Graceland” on USA Network as the renowned FBI agent Paul Briggs. Paul is the protector of the undercover unit of agents from the FBI, DEA and ICE, each agent respects him for his knowledge and skills.

One main difference in this unit—the six agents are required to live together in a beach home in Southern California; which was seized by the government in a drug raid. This beautiful beach house is now owed by the government for the benefit of catching drug criminals of the highest order. These agents are the “Cream of the Crop” the supreme chosen few. The beautiful beach house is privately known as “Graceland.”

Undercover agents are professional liars as well as the best actors/actresses---as they need to be to save their life---and to protect the other agents. Because in the real world one has to be

persuasive because these criminals will kill without blinking. So no amateurs can be in the Elite Agent’s Unit---only the best have a chance to survive.

The other actor and actresses in Graceland are magnificent: Mike Warren ( Aaron Tveit) the newest agent who is stealthfully investigating Paul Briggs for the FBI; Joe “Johnny” Tuturro (Manny Montana) he is the toughest and all around most talented---almost a Navy SEAL—not to forget so very cute---with a big heart; Paige Arkin (Serinda Swan) She is a true professional and doesn’t mind sharing her knowledge if she thinks it will help another agent; Catherine “Charlie” DeMarco (Vanessa Ferlito) she is one of the best actresses to play this type of action, crime drama in television today--- and so believable in her role—she is a five star actress in my book of favorites---and Dale Jakes (Brandon Jay McLaren) is simply magnificent in his role---I would be so afraid of him in real life---he is that authentic. 

All of these characters have the capability of eliciting belief in their roles and this is how real undercover agents would conduct themselves in the same situations---at least I believe it.

I really enjoyed the movie “Gone” where Detective Powers (Daniel Sunjata)  who had an inflated ego, yes---he was overconfident/arrogant. He thought his professional surveillance was above reproach. And sometime even when the---truth is standing in front of him---he is blind.

This is a really good movie and Jill (Amanda Seyfried) was great in this movie as were all the characters. The film had some great shots with the forest in the background including the bridge that crossed a beautiful river that flowed swiftly through the forest. I would see this film again---it is that good.

The main character Jill lived in Portland Oregon with her sister Molly (Emily Wickersham) staying with her. Jill was a waitress and Molly was going to college in their city. Both had suffered the great loss of both parents within a short time of each other.

It was especially hard for Jill because shortly after her parent’s death she was kidnapped and put in a deep hole in the forest. She managed to get out of the hole after finding human remains in it and was rescued by a hiker. She was covered with mud and hysterical---as anyone would be when found.

The police patted themselves on this blue backs for doing a good job of searching and did not find the hole Jill said she had been in. Now it is not possible they searched the entire forest inch by inch. But they just knew their search was handled properly because they used police dogs---so they thought they proved their point.

They concluded even though she was in bad shape when found that it was all her imagination and no real kidnapper existed---because she had been under the care of a psychiatrist at a psychiatric institution after her parents death for a while---therefore to not further the investigation because they were right and just in their decision.

 Then her sister was kidnapped and the police again did not believe her---but she proved them wrong.

A very good movie and this one I will watch again.

I loved Daniel Sunjata as Richardo “Ranger” Carlos Manoso  in “One for the Money” he and Katherine Heigl had great chemistry together on the screen. And I would like to see them together again in another movie.

Stephanie Plum is out of a job and out of money---so she goes to work for her cousin Vinnie as a bail enforcement agent with no gear, or training and no skills. She received lessons, and a gun from Ranger---he seems to always be around to help her out. We all need protection from someone like Ranger.

I also liked him as Win Garano a Boston Detective in At Risk and The Front with Andie MacDowell—these movies were based on---Patricia Cornwell’s novels.

Andie MacDowell played Monique Lamont a Boston District Attorney who is sexually promiscuous, very wealthy, and politically ambitious as she wants to be the next governor.

And I have to mention my favorite person Nana (Diahann Carroll) I just her character Nana in this movie---we all need a lively fun-loving magical Nana like this one.The Front and At Risk are two movies I will see again---I really enjoyed them both---and the perfect actors and actresses were chosen for the roles.

This blog is to spotlight some of my favorite actors and actresses who have brought so many fans enjoyment and enriched to our lives with entertainment that lasts a live time. And to accent the pleasure one can always buy the DVD’s of their favorite movies.

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Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio---He Radiates Charisma On and Off the Screen

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles, California. Leo an only child of his parents---George and Inmelin DiCaprio. They hired an agent for Leo when he was very young. Leo began acting in commercials and appearing on educational shows. He had small parts in various shows before his big break.

 In 1991 he was on Roseanne one of the most popular show at the time---as one of Darlene’s classmates--- and that was a beginning to his successful career as an actor. And now he has 35 titles to his credit and he is only 38 years old.

 He is now a very handsome man(a boy no longer) with blond hair and beautiful blue eyes that can make any female’s heart palpitate and I am sure his parents are very proud of their son. He is a gentleman without the usual Hollywood gossip following behind him. I am very proud of him as a fan since I do not personally know him.

In 1997 he stole the hearts of many ladies of all ages---in his role as Jack Dawson in Titanic---he was absolutely great. And I have played by DVD of Titanic so many times I need another copy. He was completely believable as Jack Dawson---a young boy who traveled on his own---with the freedom of living anywhere and enjoying his life while using his talent of drawing as a form of making a living. Jack was not afraid to show his love to a rich girl who loved him and his freedom to do as he pleased.
    One of My Favorite Scenes in Titanic
I don’t think there has ever been a movie as fascinating as Titanic was to so many, with its music and the song by Celine Dion was one of the most beautiful songs ever in a movie---in my opinion I could listen to her all day. I get chills every time I hear it.

 Leo has played many great parts in so many movies and I believe I have seen them all with the exception of some of the newest ones. Since I missed the movies I will get the DVD’s. I try to support all my favorite actors and actresses by seeing their movies and/or buying their DVD’s if possible.

Every year his movies are better and better and so now he has soared above the stars to shine brightly in the Heavens---maybe to share his talent with the Angels. Don’t forget to come back to earth for all your fans Leo---we are waiting for more movies.

Here are some of his latest movies: Leo can play any part and bring it to life on the screen. Such a handsome vision of The Great Gatsby a man of many facets to his character; one of love, friendship, fun guy who likes big parties. He seems to like a crowd, until he meets the one woman who keeps his attention longer than a minute.

Then "The Wolf  of Wall Street" which is a true story of a man who has excess of everything a man could want. He had money which he gain from his brilliant illegal ways, women, homes, trips, you name it he had it, and the best of it all. Until the Federal Government go involved and then he was in trouble.
Who else could play this part better than Leo? No one who has been born yet. He will always be one of the best actors in my book; and I am one of his fans.

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