Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mel Gibson~A Prince of Action Movies

I’ve admired and enjoyed Mel Gibson’s acting for many years. His boyish charms, his handsome face accented with flashing blue eyes; make one’s heart sings when he laughs. His career is acting and he does it very professionally as an action, adventure drama actor and director.

What news people and reporters do not realize is he also a human like the rest of us and needs his space. If a reporter wants an interview with photos they should get an appointment with him. Instead, when he is trying to enjoy life being a citizen; and they disrespect him as they rush at him flashing cameras in his face and whoever is with him.

Photographers should show more respect for actors and actress and ask their permission first before taking their photo; and should never take pictures of their children without approval from the parent(s). I know this is how photographs make a living; but be professional and not act like first graders with a camera.

The first movie I had the pleasure of seeing was “Mad Max” and from that day on I was a Mel Gibson fan. I have enjoyed all his movies with the exception of one which he was the director—The Passion of the Christ. I cannot watch any movie where Jesus is hurt and especially nailed to a cross---it is too painful to watch.

I particularly enjoyed~ The River, Lethal Weapons series, Tequila Sunrise, Bird on a Wire and The Expendables 3. It makes me happy to see him back using his talent in a positive way. 

I wish him well on the movie he is directing in Australia titled “Hacksaw Ridge” if he is directing it will be a very good movie. I am sending positive blessing his way for a happier life and career.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Coy Luther “Luke” Perry III

Luke was born on October 11th 1966 in Mansfield, Ohio—he is an American Actor who actually started his career in 1982 in the NBC series---Voyagers---with a small part as a prisoner.

And, we all know he became famous in ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ playing the role of Dylan McKay becoming the heartthrob of teenage girls around the world—and older women too—I am sure.

He’s made movies, appeared on television, produced and directed and has 87 credits in his resume today. Luke has been a very busy man in his career and more is still to come.

Some of my favorite movies are the ones he made for television— Hallmark Movie Channel—as an Executive Producer and acted in them Goodnight for Justice (2011), 

Goodnight for Justice: Queen of Hearts (2013) and Goodnight for Justice: The Measure of a Man (2012). He played a circuit judge in the Goodnight movies, with each one taking fans on a new and exciting adventure.  

In The Pledge (2008) He played the role of Sheriff Matt  Austin whose family was murdered by an outlaw.

The same outlaw hired to run a woman and her son  off their family ranch of ninety (90) years.
He rescued them from the outlaw; whom he killed.

The first movie---Goodnight for Justice---Jason Priestly a friend of Luke's from the Beverly Hills
90210days directed this movie. John Goodnight witnessed his parents being killed and as a judge he served the people in the Wyoming territory with justice. As we all know the law does not necessarily hand out justice---sometimes the innocence receives injustice.

And, I understand why the women loved him; is because of the way he looks at a woman with his brown eyes---the heat from them could melt steel. His sparkling brown eyes caresses and consumes every detail and he does not care if she knows he is looking. Watching his eyes pass over a woman’s face and body is part of his charisma.

He treats woman with great respect and has never been married; however he may have a child by one of the women he who broke his heart. He is a very savvy man who can defend himself and is not above joining in a shoot-out with the sheriff of the local town he is visiting as a

Judge Goodnight believes in the law, but not lawyers. He feels lawyers are all about winning, and before he was appointed a judge---he  had never lost a case as a lawyer. His ethics are above reproach by anyone.

I hope he makes more of the Goodnight for Justice Movies---I have all three DVD’s and watch them over and over as I do all my entire favorite movies.

The Johnson County War (2002) with Burt Reynolds,Tom Berenger and Luke Perry—this is an
exciting adventure---where the realism of raw times in the west become depicted on-screen---three great actors who are my favorites.

I love cowboy movies with the beautiful scenery, the beautiful horses, the outdoor adventures with handsome cowboys who know how to treat a woman---that is the cherry on top of a good storyline. I hope Luke will make more movies in this genre. 

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