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Monday, August 12, 2013

Cameron Bancroft---A Canadian actor endowed with unique acting talents.

Cameron Bancroft is a Canadian actor born May 17th 1967 in Winnipeg Canada. He has 67 titles to his credit with more in his future. He is a husband, and a father of two children. He has performed on stage, screen and television from a early age.

I adored the types of TV movies he chose to act in because I can enjoy them with my family. From my research I found he started his career in General Hospital a very popular soap on ABC in the USA. 

However, before that he starred in CBCs The Beachcombers (1985-1991) My favorite TV movies are the ones in the 1800s, I would like a time machine to visit that period----but not stay as I need my computer and DVD's.

Because of Cameron's hiking accident he could not play professional hockey---and he was a great player and was recruited by WHL hockey team to play for the Kamloop Blazers. But he does play with the NHL Celebrity Hockey team, which is great for him.

Cameron is a very talented actor who has magnetism in his movies and his method of acting reminds me of the saying---still waters run deep—which should get and keep the viewers' attention, especially the ladies.

The first movie I saw of his was Hannah's Law, which took place in the 1800s, but Cameron's role was very short-lived as he played Hannah's father that was shot by thieves, which came to their home for fresh horses. Here is a short trailer about the movie.

I thought it was the first and then I remembered---"Mystery Alaska" (1999) with Russell Crowe. Cameron played "Tinker" Connolly a very good hockey player for Mystery Alaska's team. 

And another movie I liked very much was also in the 1800s and the title is Mail Order Bride. Also, here is a short trailer about the movie.

Cameron has a TV movie for 2013 titled Garage Sale Mystery (September 14th 2013 on USA Network) mark your calendars for a great treat.

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