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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mel Gibson~A Prince of Action Movies

I’ve admired and enjoyed Mel Gibson’s acting for many years. His boyish charms, his handsome face accented with flashing blue eyes; make one’s heart sings when he laughs. His career is acting and he does it very professionally as an action, adventure drama actor and director.

What news people and reporters do not realize is he also a human like the rest of us and needs his space. If a reporter wants an interview with photos they should get an appointment with him. Instead, when he is trying to enjoy life being a citizen; and they disrespect him as they rush at him flashing cameras in his face and whoever is with him.

Photographers should show more respect for actors and actress and ask their permission first before taking their photo; and should never take pictures of their children without approval from the parent(s). I know this is how photographs make a living; but be professional and not act like first graders with a camera.

The first movie I had the pleasure of seeing was “Mad Max” and from that day on I was a Mel Gibson fan. I have enjoyed all his movies with the exception of one which he was the director—The Passion of the Christ. I cannot watch any movie where Jesus is hurt and especially nailed to a cross---it is too painful to watch.

I particularly enjoyed~ The River, Lethal Weapons series, Tequila Sunrise, Bird on a Wire and The Expendables 3. It makes me happy to see him back using his talent in a positive way. 

I wish him well on the movie he is directing in Australia titled “Hacksaw Ridge” if he is directing it will be a very good movie. I am sending positive blessing his way for a happier life and career.

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