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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Liam Neeson---Actor of Genius Performing Skills and Integrity

                                  Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson is one of the finest actors on stage, screen and television today. Before I mention my favorite movies of his, I want to talk about him being a great father. Before all else he is a father then an actor and, I admire his dedication to that fact.

My heart was with him in 2009 when he lost his dear beautiful wife Natasha Richardson whom he married in July 1994. They had two sons together in their 15 years of marriage. I am sure their hearts still ache for their loss.

                              Taken 2

Liam is 61 years old---he was born in Ballymena, United Kingdom June 7th, 1952. He has played many diverse characters in his career of 96 movies. And, now he is considered an action actor as we have seen in the movies Taken and Taken 2 with Taken 3 in his future, which will be announced later.

I liked his character of Briar Gates in Next of Kin starring Patrick Swayze. 

And, My next favorite movie is Shining Through starring Michael Douglas and Melanie Griffith. His character was Franze-Otto Dietrich a Nazi German Officer---he was great in this movie.

 I have watched so many of his movies with the exception of Schindler’s List---I just cannot watch such sad movies. He shines in every movie and has millions of fans and I am one of them.

I wish Liam and his family the very best and may their future be bright with love and happiness. His movies are a testimonial of why he has so many fans and admirers of other actors and actresses. And, we will be honored to see more of his performances in future films. This is why he is included on my Blog of Accolades---Actors and Actresses.

This is one of his latest movies that I want to see: Non-Stop

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